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Brokk 170

Suction Excavation UK have now started a specialist vacuum excavation department, supplying Brokk equipment to the construction and rail sectors.

These units give us the flexibility to work anywhere off-road, using the power of the very newest suction excavation trucks to safely excavate in hard-to-reach areas. We are heavily involved in using this equipment on train station upgrades, UTX works, online works, wet beds, and much more.
suction excavator
The Brokk 170 is the perfect demolition robot for the construction industry. This lightweight robot offers impressive impact with a robust breaker and a powerful (but almost silent) concrete crusher.

Due to their versatility and the fact they're fully remote controlled via our highly skilled operators, our new Brokk units can be used for a range of applications, including:
  • Safe excavation in and around buildings
  • Grass fieldwork
  • Airports
  • Rail
  • Demolition
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Motorway embankments
  • Passageway works

Our Brokk 170 in action

We are able to offer Brokk units in a vast array of situations, such as hard-to-reach areas. The pecker can be removed and our bespoke suction equipment can then be married to our high-powered suction excavation units via the use of non-conductive 250mm flexible suction hoses. This allows us to have a 'go-anywhere' approach to safe excavation.

For further information, you can contact our Brokk hire specialist, Pharris, on 07852 431533. Alternatively, call our main office on 0800 047 8775.
We are continuously improving site safety across a wide range of industries

Call us on 0800 047 8775

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Download our Brokk brochure

Download a copy of our Brokk brochure to find out more about how we can help you.

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