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What is Suction Excavation?

Excavation is a necessary part of below-ground construction. It’s primarily used to create building foundations, but is also commonly needed during the laying and maintenance of below-ground pipe and cable systems.

It’s one of the more risky aspects of civil engineering and can be both costly and disruptive so there have, over the years, been a number of innovations designed to improve the effectiveness of the excavation process whilst minimising its environmental impact and reducing cost across the board. 

One such innovation was that of vacuum excavation, a relatively new technique designed to improve excavation speed whilst reducing associated health and safety risks. Instead of using machinery to haul out soil, a high powered suction system is instead employed to remove all unwanted materials, both solid and liquid, from the excavation site.
suction excavator

Suction excavation is perfect for...

Safe excavation around buried pipelines and cable netwroks

Rail ballast removal

Water treatment filter bed clearance

Roof clearance

Basement work

Culvert clearing

Emergency repair service for all pipeline and utilities network

Deep Excavation and confined spaces

Contaminated ground clearance

Sewer clearence

Clearing around tree roots

Long distance work

What we do

At Suction Excavation UK we are vacuum excavation specialists. By the means of high volume airflow, together with highly trained suction/vacuum specialists, surveyors, operators and engineers, we are able to assist on a number of excavation projects throughout the UK.

Suction excavation is the ideal solution for a range of industries, including:
  • Airports
  • Civil Engineering
  • Highways
  • Railways
  • Utilities
We are continuously improving site safety across a wide range of industries

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Suction Excavation UK Ltd provides vacuum/suction excavation with nationwide coverage and a 24/7 emergency call-out service, in one or two-man teams.

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